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Life Members

AIDA Victoria recognises the following members who have made a considerable contribution to Irish Dancing

Christine Ayres ADCRG
January 2024

Raymond Ayres ADCRG

Mary Barrett ADCRG (Deceased)

Catherine Cosgriff SDCRG

Margaret Dempsey TCRG

Mary Grantham ADCRG

Gabrielle Hall SDCRG

Dorn Kelly TCRG (Deceased)

Jacinta Lardner ADCRG

Kathleen McAleer ADCRG

Leonie McHardy ADCRG

Geraldine O’Shea-Ryan ADCRG

Christine Portbury SDCRG

Monica Poulton ADCRG

Anna Rabusin ADCRG

Patsy Wicking ADCRG
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